Over the years I have dreamt about a variety of sporting vacations.  There is the dream of going sightseeing in Scotland and Ireland and playing golf on their amazing courses or biking around Europe during the Tour de France and the yearly summer dream of traveling across the United States in an RV and catching a baseball game at all the stadiums.  Over the last week while I’ve been out watching the birds or indoors watching the new baseball season, I began to wonder if my relatively new fascination with bird watching had any similarities to my love of going to a baseball game.

When we first arrived at the Osprey nest it was empty and I had a slightly similar feeling to when we traveled to another state for a baseball game and my favorite player, Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals, was not in the line-up.

I was so glad when these two arrived and while I would have liked to have closer seats, like seats behind the dugout at a baseball game, the atmosphere at the park was perfect.

Whether at the park or the ballpark, always be mindful of incoming objects that could catch you by surprise.

It is possible to encounter all sorts of characters and behavior at the ballpark or park and

it’s always a perfect day leaving after watching one of your favorites take a home-run lap.