Some Days There’s A Surprise Around Every Corner

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Muskrats popping up out of the marsh.

Playful pups on the prowl for a playmate.

The snakes have awakened.

Unexpected beauty!  After seeing two snakes on the trail this last weekend, it may be garden paths instead of nature paths in the near future.

Tiny turtles emerging from the water.

The movie Split starring James McAvoy was more than a surprise, it was a shock.

Did I mention snakes?

16 Replies to “Some Days There’s A Surprise Around Every Corner”

  1. So much awakening! Lovely captures from the trail, ACI. Whenever I see a snake I receive it as a message of transformation (from Native American interpretation) on the way. Forked tongue is really cool.

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    1. Thank you and it was a surprise to see such a variety along the trail. This was the largest snake I have seen in the wild and the only reason I did not jump and miss taking the photo was because it was in the water. I will try to think of the Native American interpretation after the next encounter, but I’m really hoping that was my last snake sighting of the season.

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  2. Great shots! The muskrat is so cute (why do we always approve of fuzzy mammals, but not reptiles?) 😉 While I approve of the job snakes do, I do not relish face to face meetings. Your capturing the forked tongue was great luck!

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    1. Thank you very much! It is true in my case that the fuzzy animals win me over in seconds compared to the reptiles, but I have to admit that one time while moving a paddle boat a couple of muskrats ran by my feet and I jumped and yelled in a manner very similar to when I see a snake.🙂

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  3. Another great collection! I do try to appreciate snakes, but whenever I encounter one on the trail it gets my heart hammering – usually because it’s a surprise, and not one I enjoy. Jet has a great attitude towards snakes, and her interpretation helps, but like you, I’m happier not to have the encounter…

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    1. Thank you! I’m making a little progress on my attitude about snakes, but I’m still surprised I did not jump backwards and land in the water when this snake started moving in our direction. I love being curious, but I do not like that trait in a snake. I’m willing to try Jet’s interpretation, but I have a feeling I could be heading back to the bike paths soon.


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