Nature began the week with a colorful painting in the sky,

but appeared to quickly forget that the showers that brought colorful May flowers should have ended with the change of the calendar.

Everyone was thrilled when the sun finally appeared for a day. 

Gabby has been busy helping her best friend mend from surgery and her kindness toward the dog she has bossed around for years has been touching to watch.

The beautiful new family made its appearance on the lake and the baby swans are absolutely adorable.

A return visitor was also spotted, but it appears it may take a while for two introverts to be comfortable with one another again.

This family is so precious, I hope I don’t start kayaking in the rain to see them.

18 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. I so loved this review of your week, ACI, and laughed out loud at the last line, knowing that you will. Your photos are so lovely. The swan with her trail of cygnets and the lake “painting” especially dazzled me.

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    1. Thank you very much and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! I was out in the rain yesterday watching and photographing the family of swans, but only standing by shore with an umbrella. So far, they are quite wobbly when they walk and are already flapping their little wings. I always enjoy your comments and have a wonderful weekend!🙂

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