The cardinals drop in for a snack.

The turkeys come over for a snack.

The deer visit regularly for their snacks.

The butterflies wish the deer would stop eating all the snacks.

The squirrels swing by for a berry snack.

The grosbeaks love to pose for shots prior to a snack.

Gabby expects a snack every time you go in and out of the house!

22 Replies to “Home”

    1. Things have been a little crazy lately. The daytime visitors are very enjoyable, but something is having a party in the yard at night. By morning, the bird feeders and bird bath are on the ground and the squirrels appear to be quite happy with the situation.


  1. I love your photos. I hope you will not take offence at this comment. I would like to share an opinion by a photography instructor. He said that frames on images are a distraction and usually detract from the image. They used to be popular many years ago. Please ignore this if it is annoying and do what you like.

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    1. Thank you and no offense was taken.πŸ™‚ I enjoy the frames and had not thought of them as being a distraction. I’m currently watching landscape photography videos and one of the things I love about the National Geographic instructor is that after he gives a lesson full of tips, ideas and rules, he then says (I’m paraphrasing) – “now go out with your camera and have fun taking photos and break all the rules, because all that matters when you are done is that you love the photo.” I love being told I can break all the rulesπŸ™‚


    1. Thank you very much!πŸ™‚ This is the first summer that I’m noticing a big change in her energy and behavior due to her age, but over the weekend she was busy chasing away the birds and squirrels again so she could receive all the attention and snacks!

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    1. Thank you!πŸ™‚ The cardinals must really be hungry, because this was the first day that my presence by the bird feeder did not disturb them. I’m still hoping for a photo of the turkey, but so far I’ve only seen him when I’m without my camera. It was funny the other day to see him walking up the driveway. Gabby loves her snacks and has me well-trained on the snacking schedule!

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    1. Thank you and it sounds like our Gabby’s have a lot in common!πŸ™‚ Gabby has a variety of treats, but when she’s out in the yard she expects two of her favorite treat and certainly lets me know if I happen to forget them!


    1. Thank you! Gabby is still not happy about my photography hobby interfering with our quality time together, but she usually forgives me after a couple of snacks and letting everyone know who is in charge when she chases the birds away.πŸ™‚


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