The sky was beautiful as the sun periodically dipped behind the  clouds.

The swans were sleeping.

The great blue heron was having a good fishing day, 

but appeared to blame me when he hadn’t caught a fish for a short period of time and expressed his disgust as he flew by.

The osprey made a spectacular landing trying to catch a fish,

but when he flew by I could not tell if he had been successful.

The little birds wanted their moment in the sun

and were willing to photobomb a shot, if necessary.

The egret was enjoying her solitude,

until I overstayed my welcome.

16 Replies to “Bird Watching On The Lake”

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed my morning hanging out with my friends!🙂 The heron has told me off before, but for a moment, either due to our close proximity or having his angry call echo off the pontoon boat, I thought I was in a Jurassic Park movie. We did spend time together later, so I think all is forgiven.🙂

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