An early peek at autumn began last week with a little color appearing in the trees, the arrival of fall fashion magazines and the TV Guide’s fall sneak peek.

This little fellow was wondering if the solar eclipse was arriving early, but it was only the change in the summer afternoon shadows.

The water lily pads are changing as fast as fall boots replacing sandals at the department stores and pumpkins and candy replacing the flowers and grilling items at the grocery store.

The loss of a swim noodle is not a high priority as children are shopping at the back to school sales and

the bees have decided to double up with the decrease in flowers blooming.

A small amount of leaves are beginning to fall and their beauty can be enjoyed without thinking about fall cleanup.

24 Replies to “An Early Peek At Autumn”

      1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and visits!πŸ™‚ Joining the blogging community has been an absolutely wonderful experience and has helped tremendously in making sure my camera never stays in the bag too long.

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  1. No, it can’t be fall yet! We noticed many trees were showing signs of change, and there is a touch of coolness in the evening air – although, living up here, that’s true of most evenings! Lovely photographs, and I hope the little guy is careful about looking at the eclipse.

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    1. Thank you!πŸ™‚ Last week was the first time I noticed a couple of trees changing color and then all of a sudden I was seeing early signs of autumn everywhere. I’m beginning my countdown to my favorite season!😁


  2. I live around Austin and we get 6 months of Summer and 6 months of Notsummer. Sometimes I feel like taking a road trip to see Autumn somewhere. My trees sometimes don’t lose their leaves until December.

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    1. I love the change of seasons and the beginning of the football season and the arrival of autumn has always made September my favorite month! Although in late October, I may be grumbling a little bit about fall cleanup.πŸ™‚


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