20 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    1. Thank you!🙂 The animals were very social this week, the deer are visiting daily and the coots are stopping by during their migration. It was great to see a heron and egret sharing a tree for the first time and my first encounter with a fox while kayaking was so exciting.🙂

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      1. Over time I have become a better judge of the distance I need to observe in order to not disturb the birds and turtles, but this week the rules did not apply to the very curious deer and fox. It was very strange when taking photos of the fox and deer to have them move toward me and wonder if they were going to stop.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The summer weather has returned and it was a perfect week for kayaking. I always look toward one spot on the lake and wonder why there are never any birds in that area and when I saw something moving and paddled closer I was shocked to see the fox. He appeared to enjoy my company more than the heron. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a beautiful week of photos, ACI. Your kayaking adventures look serene, and graced with some gorgeous wild creatures. I love that photo of the heron and egret looking in opposite directions. Cormorants, lovely. You captured the fawn in tentativeness, as fawns can be. The landing coot is delightful with the beaming red eye. And the red fox is a winner. The intentness on his face and alert body make me think he’s especially focused on not a human, but on perhaps Gabby? Delightful post, my friend–

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I went to a new park this week hoping to see a number of hawks migrating (I saw one far in the distance), but instead was greeted by entertaining seagulls and cormorants. I thought the highlight of the week was going to be the very curious deer and fawns visiting daily, but spotting the fox and the egret and heron sharing the tree was outstanding. Our summer weather has returned and Gabby cannot kayak in the heat, so the fox was focused on me and for a moment I actually thought he was considering jumping in the water and I paddled backwards.🙂

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      1. Thanks for the follow-up on the fox, ACI. I think I would’ve backed up too, he/she looked ready to pounce. Have fun w.football this wk-end. Last wk-end we didn’t get to see the Packers (I was disappointed) because our local networks didn’t cover it. Got 49ers instead (argh). But this wk-end the Packer game will be national so I’m jazzed. Have fun.

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      2. The way the fox kept looking at me and then the water, with my basic knowledge of wildlife as soon as I arrived back home I checked on the internet if foxes like to swim.😁 The Packers have the best game of the weekend again and the Cowboys vs. Denver could be another good game (both games have my favorite announcers). After many years of suffering through Lions games and missing out on good match-ups, I finally ordered NFL Sunday ticket so I could always watch my favorite quarterbacks. Enjoy the game and I’m expecting a Packers win!!

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