A challenging week for photography now that the kayak has been put away for winter and instead of the snow arriving we have had many cold and rainy days.  I may be hiding in the house until the last leaves on the ground are covered with snow.  Thankfully, the neighborhood wildlife offered a variety of shots from the comfort of home.

This shot was taken from the window as Oprah’s great new baked potato soup was heating up in the microwave.

Another photo taken from the window while taking a much-needed break from reading Dan Brown’s latest Robert Langdon novel, Origin.

Thankfully, I’ve finished reading Dan Brown’s book and this shot was taken from the Browning Trail Camera as I was lost in the wonderful pages of Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher novel, The Midnight Line.

The trail camera finally captured a deer snacking on an apple, possibly at the same time that a delicious bowl of butternut squash and apple soup was being enjoyed.

It’s a little bit of a blur, but I may have been drinking a glass of Ca’ Momi Merlot when the trail camera snapped this shot.

It’s possible while taking this shot that I had one eye on the butterscotch pie for dessert.

I’m sure when this shot was taken from indoors that Gabby was running through the house barking.

19 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

    1. Thank you!🙂 The wine helped me get through the Dan Brown book and it’s a perfect time of year to escape with Jack Reacher and enjoy a bowl of soup. Now that Gabby has difficulty hearing, I think she believes she has to bark more often to get my attention and as soon as she starts barking you can see the ears of the deer begin to twitch. Have a great weekend and I hope you are out enjoying the snow.❄️🙂


  1. I so loved hearing this review of your spirited week with the deer, ACI. And a good chuckle I had when I got to the last photo of this beautiful deer who was alerted by Gabby’s scoldings. As always, I love the Week in Seven Photos series.

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    1. Thank you and hopefully next week I will actually go outside with the camera for my seven photos series.🙂 I love the different responses from the deer when they see me in the window with the camera, the bucks leave immediately, some are to busy with the carrots to care and in the rare case, the deer in the last photo walked toward the window until she heard Gabby’s lovely bark.🙂


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