Waiting For A Turn At The Bird Feeder

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Finally made it outdoors with the camera and luckily the pouring rain on Saturday was replaced with wonderful snow flurries on Sunday.  Watching the birds patiently wait their turn for peanuts out in the snow was actually a bit more enjoyable than watching The Trip To Spain the previous day.  The scenery was beautiful, but it made me miss the original and hope that it rebounds to join a few of my favorite movie franchises that hit a bump in the road (Rocky, Die Hard, The Fast and the Furious, James Bond, Star Wars, X-Men, Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, Jason Bourne).

13 Replies to “Waiting For A Turn At The Bird Feeder”

    1. Thank you!🙂 It has been a disappointing year at the movies for me and I don’t recall a year like this where the trips to the movie theater have been so few and far between. The scenery was gorgeous and I enjoyed some of the restaurant scenes, but I may have to try a marathon of The Trip movies to see if it improves my opinion of the third movie.


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