I’m So Excited, And I Just Can’t Hide It

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it now that I have finally captured my first photo of an owl in the wild.  This exciting, fabulous Barred owl was in my backyard Saturday morning and I almost missed seeing him.  I recently watched a photography video on light and the rare sighting this week of sunshine yesterday morning motivated me to go out in the below zero weather to try to capture the sunlight on the snow.  I was completely oblivious to all the excitement waiting in the trees behind me while I searched for glistening snow.

Luckily when I finished capturing this shot, that I hoped would convey the thought of a snow wave with the light sparkling on the surface, I noticed something flying away as I glanced over my shoulder.  This was my original sighting of the owl taken with my Tamron 18-400mm lens before cropping.

I managed six shots of him perched on this branch before he flew away and I so hope the brief wink he gave me before he flew away was a promise of a return visit.

This fellow was waiting for me as I returned to the house and wondered why I do not hear The Pointer Sisters music playing in my head when I spot him out in the yard.