As I was looking at a few weekend photos with a blue theme and trying to choose a title, I decided to look up the lyrics to Blue Monday by Fats Domino.  The reason I don’t remember this could be due to middle-aged forgetfulness, but, instead of the lyrics, I discovered many articles about the fact that in 2005 a day in January, often the third Monday, was designated as the most depressing day of the year and called Blue Monday.  Somehow I missed the post holiday blues announcement that year and, at some point if I did know about Blue Monday and have forgotten, I probably thought they should have contacted me so I could recommend a few more days.  So, if you happen to be feeling a little blue, I hope a little music and glimpse of blue brightens your day.


24 Replies to “Blue Monday”

  1. Blue is my favorite color, despite its association with feeling down in the dumps. There is also true blue, and, of course, it’s the color of this beautiful planet we live on. 😉

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Another discovery while searching for the Fats Domino version was the song by New Order. After listening to their song, if I knew the group or song back in the 80s, I’ve also forgotten about that too.😁


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