You might have heard that it’s been rather cold this January and some days I wonder why it feels like it takes me until spring to figure out how to dress for the weather.  When I went to the park over the weekend, I did have a coat on over my hoodie but had not planned on kneeling in the snow to capture this shot and a pair of ski pants would have saved me from wet, frozen knees.  

Did I mention that I saw my first owl over the weekend??  I was so excited from the experience that when I went back into the house to change lenses, I completely forgot about my gloves when I went back outdoors to search for him (interesting article from the Sunday New York Times, The Delicate Politics of Chasing Owls).   The owl remained elusive, but while I was looking for him I managed to capture this bird nest with my frozen fingers.

Gabby is often kind enough to notify me with her vigorous barking when birds or deer pass by the windows.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in such a hurry running out the door to escape her barking or worrying about missing the visitor that I quite often forget my coat and gloves.  

Of course, it is on the days when it is definitely not hoodie weather that I find myself out in the cold with a deer actually stopping for a lengthy visit and Gabby is indoors barking and wondering why I never can interpret her “it’s not hoodie weather” bark as I run out the door without my coat.

24 Replies to “Definitely Not Hoodie Weather!”

    1. She’s definitely wise and believes she should have approval over who visits in the backyard .🙂 Over the last year, her barking patterns have changed with the loss of her hearing and some days I believe she thinks she needs to bark louder to get my attention since she can’t hear my response.

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      1. I do understand. The same is true with our LIam and his vision. Very sad, but we take good care of our old dog buddy, whose hearing is not what it should be, either. Dogs age too fast!

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  1. Wonderful capture of hoarfrost feathers! Maybe you need a down vest to grab for a quick trip out with the camera?
    I really dislike the cold, so won’t venture beyond the porch when grabbing a log for the fire. Boots, hat, scarf, mitts and coat are a must. And now YakTrax, too. It takes a while, but I hate being chilled!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The one item I do take time for is boots and now that I have read about YakTrax, I definitely think I need those for my winter wardrobe. Between Gabby barking at my ankles while putting on my boots, worrying about seeing the visitor and checking camera settings as I walk out the door, somehow the coat and vest always gets lost in the shuffle.😁

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  2. Lovely frost photos – worth the cold knees! A winter wardrobe is so cumbersome, but I’d echo the YakTrax comment, they are an ice essential. With Chinooks in this part of Alberta, we often get slight thaw-freeze overnight-slight thaw-freeze overnight on and on and on. YakTrax!

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  3. Brrr, but lovely cold photos. It’s not unknown for me to dash outside to capture dawn skies before they lose their colours, without thinking about my coat, potential ice outside, or in one instance when I totally disappeared from sight without saying I was going, my keys. It makes it worthwhile when we get decent shots though.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’ve lost track of how many times I have went out for what I thought would be a quick shot and lost track of the time. You are right, all thoughts of freezing in a hoodie are quickly forgotten when you’re back inside looking at the shots with a cup of coffee.🙂

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