The Week In Seven Photos

An owl was watching me as I snapped this photo.

Watched the owl flying through the woods for the second time this week from this location.

I dragged myself away from looking for the owl to capture these frost feathers.

It was snowing in the woods as I was searching for the owl.

As you can see from this shivering squirrel, it was very cold while I was out looking for the owl.

Passed by this tree while hoping for an owl sighting.  I suddenly realized that I am tying myself in knots over not having a favorite football team for the NFL Conference Championships.  Luckily, I remembered I owned a jersey of my all-time favorite player, Brett Favre, from his brief stint with the Minnesota Vikings.  If they were good enough for Brett, they are good enough for me and I’m a Vikings fan this weekend.

Did I mention I saw my first owl in the wild last weekend???  Brett the Owl and I will hopefully be hanging out and celebrating a Vikings victory on Sunday!