32 Replies to “Silent Sunday”

      1. I’m sure you go to garage sales.There are always old back pack frames there that can be bought for a buck.I took a golfing umbrella & sawed the handle off.I than sawed the top of the back pack frame off.The umbrella slipped perfectly inside the aluminum tubing! I could put it in on the right or left tube depending on what I was doing.You need a big umbrella for it to work.Thats why I used a golfing umbrella.Made it for free.I had all the stuff already! I should take a picture of it for you.I know I have a short video of it.

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      2. I thought it was going to be something simple like attaching the umbrella to my backpack with duct tape ( I have some with Minions on it).😁 Now you need to create a step by step post with photos and videos.πŸ™‚


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