Stanley Cup Final

I‘m always sad to see the NHL season coming to a close, but I’m very excited about the Stanley Cup Final beginning tonight between the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights.  I love the great story surrounding the Golden Knights, who had the worst odds last June at 150-1 to win the 2018 Stanley Cup, but I’m hoping one of my favorite teams, the Capitals, with my favorite NHL player, Alex Ovechkin, will be hoisting the Cup.

The scoring may be difficult with Marc-Andre Fleury in the net for the Golden Knights, but I would love to see a hat trick by Ovechkin.  If a hat trick is asking too much, I would love to see another great fight with Tom Wilson.  

It was wonderful watching old-time hockey when Tom Wilson and Braydon Coburn dropped their gloves right out of the penalty box in Game 7 of the Capitals/Lightning series.

I will be constantly looking for Ovechkin and the other Capitals to find great scoring opportunities against Fleury and I’m hoping for an exciting Game 7 with Ovechkin scoring the winning goal for the Capitals.

On the other hand, if I end up watching the Vegas Golden Knights hoist the Cup around the ice, I will try to hold back my disappointment and yelling by remembering that the expansion Golden Knights is one of the best sports stories of the year and some great Vegas memories.

6 responses to “Stanley Cup Final”

  1. You’ve written the script – will they follow it?! Hope it’s a good series, and either outcome will be quite the story. With family ties in the DC area, I’m leaning towards the Caps…there it is, the kiss of death!

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    1. I’m excited about the series and hope the Capitals finally have some magic against Fleury now that he’s on a new team. As much as I enjoy the Golden Knights great season, if the series goes to them in four games with Fleury shutting out the Capitals, you may hear my yelling in Canada.😁


  2. Enjoy the NHL excitement, ACI–

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I definitely hope it is an exciting seven game series because once it’s over I start waiting for the return of football.😁

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  3. Boxing is what we watch (violent as it is)! Not Hockey, though Hockey is a little bit like unsupervised boxing at times! 🙂

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    1. I love a good donnybrook on the ice!!😁


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