“A Hero Of Human Curiosity”

6 responses to ““A Hero Of Human Curiosity””

  1. That is certainly true!

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    1. I loved his curiosity about life! I’ve read his books and been an avid fan of his shows since the beginning of No Reservations. I loved seeing the world through Bourdain’s eyes and humor and in each episode his curiosity about food, travel, books, movies, politics and cultures was a joy to watch.

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    1. I rewatched several of his shows over the weekend and I still can’t believe it. I’ve loved learning over the years about food, cultures and the world through his travels and writing. I never watched a show without making a note of something that struck my curiosity, whether it was related to food or travel or a mention of a band or book. He was the perfect travel companion at home for an introvert.

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  2. This was such terrible news. I read “Kitchen Confidential” and smiled throughout, recognizing how much was familiar – although the kitchens I’ve worked in weren’t as piratical as some of his. Warts and all, he was a decent human being…

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    1. I keep rewatching his shows thinking that the horrible news will sink in, but I still can’t believe it and want to pretend he’s somewhere with friends in a foreign country enjoying a great meal. It’s been over ten years of watching and loving every one of his shows and enjoying the world and food through his unique charm and curiosity.


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