The Week In Seven Photos

Invitations have been sent out to the backyard visitors to stop by this weekend for a World Cup watch party.  The knockout stage begins Saturday and I have great expectations for more fantastic football after the exciting first round.  It will be another weekend of rising early to capture some photos and be back indoors before the record-setting hot weather arrives again and the games begin.

A few of the guests are still undecided about who they are cheering for, but my picks to reach the quarter finals are France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium and England. 

There will be plenty of snacks on hand, but I discovered after so many exciting first round games

that the snacks may disappear fast because of the nervous fans.

A calming area has been designated for heartbroken fans and

there will be an understanding for those fans that prefer to sulk in a quiet corner.

It’s always good to remember that there could be young ones in the area and to try to withhold from throwing jerseys or using some four letter words.