Summer In The City – The Lovin’ Spoonful

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    1. Every World Cup I somehow convince my mother to become a football fan with me and I’m lucky England won today after that type of match or she was threatening to quit watching any more games. Was a record set by the number of yellow cards and fouls called by the American referee? Was a record set of how many headers by England went wide or over the net? Was a record set of how many times England players were tackled? I’ve become such a Kane fan now that I think I’ll be following football between the World Cup tournaments. I really thought England was going to win in regulation, but thought Columbia had more energy in the overtime periods. What a save by Pickford and what a nerve-racking match!!! With my lucky hoodies, I’m still counting on a France/England final!😁

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  1. Fab choice of song. Can actually play these if on my phone. Think we could have done with some frozen watermelon here this last 2 weeks. Ohhh Watching France Belgium match and France have scored. Hoping England match will be a scorcher tomorrow. Frozen Watermelon at half-time.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I officially started my countdown to fall today and I’m so glad I’ve had a great excuse to stay indoors watching fantastic football during the heatwave. I’m so hoping that England will be joining France in the finals on Sunday. I’m expecting a much different type of game tomorrow than today’s match and I would really appreciate an early goal by Kane.😁


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