The Week In Seven Photos

It’s July and summer and one would think this week would have been about being outdoors, but nope, it was about football, baseball, shopping, reading and hats.  After rummaging through my hats, I discovered that I may not have enough hats to deal with what this hot, humid weather is doing to my hair and a few shopping trips were a necessity.  Thankfully I have a hat for the Brazil match against Belgium today in the World Cup.

I’m covered in the baseball hat category for my favorite teams, but I’m always willing to add a new beach towel or hat while I’m out shopping.

Gabby thought this would be a perfect addition for the backyard, but I told her we would actually have to go outside in this awful heat to enjoy it.

I did manage one outdoor excursion in the excruciating heat this week, but don’t tell Gabby since I’ve been telling her that we can’t go on any adventures because her healed little paw is too delicate to hit the hot pavement.

Some of my favorite teams were losing right and left in the World Cup and desperate measures were needed, so I turned to my England and France hoodies for luck.  It’s definitely not hoodie weather, but I risked heat exhaustion wearing the England hoodie in their exhausting and thrilling victory against Columbia.  I found wonderful Paris and London journals while shopping this week and thankfully it will be a little more bearable this weekend wearing my France hoodie for the World Cup match against Uruguay today and my England hoodie again tomorrow for the match against Sweden.  With the lucky hoodie vibes, I’m still hoping for a England vs. France final match.

Life is Good when you have the perfect hat, a new book, a great beach towel to wipe off the sweat if you dare venture outdoors and the beginning of the Tour de France on Saturday.

At this point in early summer, I already no longer want to hear the words hot, humidity or it’s going to feel like a steam bath, but would prefer to be told by the weatherman to make sure you don’t leave home without a hat or better yet, stay home with a good book.