Somewhere in between the wilting, muggy, sticky, oppressive, stifling, damp weather and floating through the days, there was time to enjoy cool temperatures indoors watching the fabulous documentary, RBG, about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, episodes of Yellowstone, The Affair and Bosch, and a delicious Cuban sandwich and refreshing cold beverage at a new brewpub.  

26 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. A cool way to spend a hot week. I really, really like “RBG.” She’s become one of my heroes. Those pictures are fabulous, as always, especially the last one. Haunting.

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  2. Another great set of photographs! I hope the weekend weather is a little better, and you can get outside without withering and wilting – your opening line was a killer.
    I’ve enjoyed the Bosch series, a pretty good take on the books, and straightforward storytelling about big city crime and corruption. My only problem is, in some shots, the lead looks just like Neil Tennant from The Pet Shop Boys, and I keep waiting for him to start singing.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a weather breakdown, but this week I was on the verge of one.😁 Thankfully the weather is improving and I will actually be able to watch Harry Kane and Tottenham in the morning and be able to enjoy going outdoors after the match. It was still necessary for me to recuperate indoors today from the weather stress and watch Manchester United win their first match of the season. I always struggle with the casting of characters I’ve read about, especially when it’s one of my favorites like Bosch, and while the series is very good and well cast, he’s just not my Harry Bosch. Thank you for leaving West End Girls playing in my head and enjoy the weekend!😁


      1. Oh no, the new Premier League season! Looks like MU had just enough to eke out a win today, but I don’t think they’ll win the title. That’ll be Everton. I jest, but I can dream today before the usual disappointment…
        Looking forward to seeing how Kane and Spurs do this outing, given they haven’t made any new signings to improve the team. They play good football, and Kane is a threat, but habitually a slow starter for goals in the first few games.
        Here’s my Pet Shop Boys story:
        I’m in the video for West End Girls, a blink and you miss it appearance. They filmed parts of the video near Paddington Station, and I happened to be wandering through that day. I like to think they kept me in for my pretty boy good looks, and it makes the video and song the success it is. The last couple of albums, Electric, and Super, are a real return to form if you like the idea of two old guys still putting out successful EDM (check out the song Vocal on Electric!)
        Enjoy your weekend!

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      2. I’m still doing my research on the Premier League teams and watching Premier League live has already helped. Enjoyed the Pet Shop Boys story and watching the great video (a timestamp for your starring role should have been included).😁 I enjoyed listening to some of the songs on Electric and Super and Happiness, Pazzo! and the Springsteen cover, The Last to Die, joined Vocal as favorites.🙂


  3. Sounds like you have really had it hot and muggy there. Our temps here are more like summer in northern Britain now the really hot weather has gone. Having an unsettled spell. Love your unsettled orange clouds and the peace of swan lake.

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