Have A Drink On Me – AC/DC

18 Replies to “Have A Drink On Me”

    1. This song is on, Back in Black, one of my favorite albums from the β€˜80s. With the way the weather has been this summer, we added two new birdbaths and left water in this bowl. So far, I’ve never seen a bird at the birdbaths, but the squirrels and now the deer have appreciated the extra water.😁

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      1. Squirrels, our cats, and chipmunks drink out of the little fountain in my garden. Believe it or not, birds drink from the birdbath. I am sure the various creatures appreciate the extra water you put out, and it is good of you to do so.

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    1. Thank you!πŸ™‚ We’ve had water out for the birds and squirrels all summer and I could not believe when I looked out the window to see him approaching the water. The sound of Gabby’s barking did not stop him from enjoying a long drink.😁

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    1. After surviving Gabby’s barking, I think he would actually enjoy a little AC/DC.😁 It has been so much fun watching this fawn, although I was not happy to see him strike up a friendship with the turkey this morning.😁


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