Summer Guest

The summer days are dwindling and I have not had a chance to share photos of our summer guest.

Unlike my favorite fawns that I hope never leave, I have actually thought (ok, maybe hoped) he would move on at some point.

He’s very sensitive to any noise and difficult to photograph, but throughout the day he can be found by the bird feeders

or wandering up and down the driveway.

Several times I have found him hanging out behind the truck and wondered what in the world he was up to now.

It was not until this last weekend that I discovered that he thought he had found a friend.

He was so fascinated with the encounter that he failed to notice my movement near the window for once.

It has been very strange watching him trot around the yard every day this summer, but after his lengthy dance with his reflection,ย 

I am finally convinced that he fits in perfectly around here.