Weekend Watching

I spent some of the weekend watching the arrival of beautiful fall colors

and the leaves beginning to fall.

In between football games there was time for watching the little birds

and the big birds.

I was amazed to look out the window and watch the turkey chase a deer into the woods with a final peck on the behind when she wasn’t moving fast enough.

When I wasn’t watching the turkey watch himself, which he stills does daily, I was watching Hurricane Florence coverage, football, The Resident, and the interesting documentary, The King, which combines my love of music, classic cars, history and, of course, Elvis.  The film “takes the King’s 1963 Rolls-Royce on a musical road trip across America.  From Memphis to New York, Las Vegas and beyond, the journey traces the rise and fall of Elvis as a metaphor for the country he left behind.  In this groundbreaking film, Eugene Jarecki paints a visionary portrait of the state of the American Dream and a penetrating look at how the hell we got here.”