I thought I would be out on the lake during the weekend watching the arrival of autumn, but Gabby had other plans.  There were beautiful colors to be seen, but they were the flowers at the vet’s office.  Gabby was horrified I was taking a photo through the windshield instead of immediately peeling out of the parking lot after the appointment.

After staying awake with Gabby all night taking her outside every twenty minutes, we were outdoors to watch the sunrise

and the last hibiscus say goodbye to summer.

I miss watching Gabby run around the backyard and am still surprised instead to be watching the turkey and deer running around the yard.

The turkey appears to have a little bit of an attitude like Gabby and wants to let everyone know in Gabby’s absence who is second-in-command.

Obviously, he did not feel the deer was listening close enough.

Gabby had a little better day yesterday and I know she wants to get outdoors so she can let the turkey know that some visitors to the backyard are completely unacceptable.

29 Replies to “Weekend Watching”

      1. We keep trying new things to prevent the attacks and keep her comfortable, but between her age and reactions to the medicine it’s getting scarier each time. I don’t know if I can spoil her more than I do, but I’m going to try while I can.

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  1. Very neat. I saw several wild turkey this morning on my way to work. Had a camera with but it was near a major traffic area, so stopping to photograph a group of turkey would probably have been met with some angry waving or loud good mornings 🙂

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    1. Thank you and I’m so glad to report that Gabby is feeling better today.🙂 The turkey appears to need someone to fight with at all times, whether it is him fighting with his reflection all day or the deer. He does have someone in his fan club though, after all these years that was the first time I have seen a cat laying in our yard.🙂


      1. My Maine coon cat once chased a turkey that was in the yard, which was laughable. Even with his large size, the turkey simply lifted off the ground for a few feet and ignored him. I still miss that cat, he was/is a legend around here.

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      2. I guess I did not need to worry about the cat, I had no idea they would try to chase a turkey.🙂 Of all the animals gathering around the turkey at the bird feeder, it is always the noisy arrival and departure of the mourning doves that causes the turkeys and squirrels to jump in the air.🙂

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