The Week In Seven Photos

The fall colors were outstanding last weekend, but with each passing day it was becoming more difficult to find colorful areas to hang out.

Hoping each week for another outing, I’m still being stubborn about putting away the kayaks, but once they are covered with snow today I may have to finally rethink that decision.

I haven’t seen anyone sitting outdoors for weeks, but it’s also been difficult to finally put away the deck furniture.

The election stress and nonstop political pundit opinions had me hanging out in the wine aisle again and 

I was glad the voters chose a path of checks and balances.

There was a thought earlier in the week to spend time this weekend photographing the remaining fall colors covered in snow, but

there’s a great chance that I will be wrapped up in a blanket with a glass of wine and one of my favorite guys, Jack Reacher, after this week’s release of Lee Child’s latest novel.  It’s so much fun to hang out with Reacher that it may be difficult to set the book aside long enough to watch the Notre Dame/Florida St. game and the Manchester United/Manchester City match.