The Week In Seven Photos

My first steps on my blogging journey began four years ago this week and I would like to thank everyone for all the days that you brightened my world with your beautiful photographs and words.

As we transition from one season to another, I find myself wondering what changes this blog may experience over the next year.  

There has never really been a plan, but somehow the ideas have floated by and it will be interesting to see what will inspire the photos and words this next year.

It has been wonderful to escape to beautiful locations that I’ve always wanted to visit, daydream about new discoveries and to lose myself in words and sentences that I dream of writing.

 Looking back, I’m often surprised at how much has changed since those first days of blogging and what a difference it has made on how I see the world while out wandering with my camera. 

The blogging community is full of interesting characters and thank you for all the stories and comments that made me laugh and smile.

As an introvert, there were a few challenging things about blogging in the beginning, but all the enjoyment I’ve experienced blogging with my extrovert sidekick by my side makes me happy that I did not go with my original choice of having a private blog and almost quitting after the first month.