My first steps on my blogging journey began four years ago this week and I would like to thank everyone for all the days that you brightened my world with your beautiful photographs and words.

As we transition from one season to another, I find myself wondering what changes this blog may experience over the next year.  

There has never really been a plan, but somehow the ideas have floated by and it will be interesting to see what will inspire the photos and words this next year.

It has been wonderful to escape to beautiful locations that I’ve always wanted to visit, daydream about new discoveries and to lose myself in words and sentences that I dream of writing.

 Looking back, I’m often surprised at how much has changed since those first days of blogging and what a difference it has made on how I see the world while out wandering with my camera. 

The blogging community is full of interesting characters and thank you for all the stories and comments that made me laugh and smile.

As an introvert, there were a few challenging things about blogging in the beginning, but all the enjoyment I’ve experienced blogging with my extrovert sidekick by my side makes me happy that I did not go with my original choice of having a private blog and almost quitting after the first month.

36 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Happy blogiversary! I’m so glad you stuck with it because yours is one of my favorite blogs, your photos beautiful, interesting and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Gabby is a great sidekick and her outfit today brought a smile to my day. Thanks so much, may you continue to post for years to come!

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the photos and Gabby!🙂 I never imagined during those first few scary months of blogging how much I would enjoy being a part of the blogging community and how lucky I would be to find such a wonderful group of bloggers to share the days with.🙂

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  2. Happy Blogversary! 🙂 And congratulations on 4 years of blogging.
    I love to see your wonderful photos and read your posts, that give me a glimpse into life on your side of the world. I am so glad your extrovert side-kick Gabby did not let you give up! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!🙂 I’m so glad Gabby kept encouraging me, but I have to admit that she thinks I’ve gotten a little carried away with the photography and barks at my camera quite often!😁 I’ve enjoyed sharing my little corner of the world with you and my little extrovert wishes she could video chat with Little Monkey.😁

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      1. LM would agree with Gabby on the use of cameras. I took mine with me the other day, and LM was not amused at all the stops!
        And it would have to be video chat between Gabby and LM, because if they met in person I suspect Gabby would chase LM round the garden! 😀

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      2. She has dragged me away from a number of shots when we’re out and at home I have to sneak the camera out of the bag so she won’t bark at all the birds and wildlife. Gabby probably could have had more friends with video chat, since there have been many that do not agree with her that’s she’s the boss and gets to set all the rules.😁

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  3. And thank you for your blog. What a pleasure it is to read and look at! Especially that Gabby! Her purple coat is the bee’s knees. I know I’ve said this about some of your other photos, but this would be the PERFECT holiday card.

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    1. Thank you so much!🙂 I make a calendar for my mom each year with Gabby guaranteed to get at least one month and this photo will be on the calendar next year. I always enjoy your visits and comments and it has been so much fun sharing so many great songs and moments out of our days.🙂


  4. I’m glad you kept going past the first month! Your photographs and words are always a delight to see and read, and your sidekick never fails to amuse when she makes an appearance.
    Keep blogging, and have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you so much!🙂 To be honest, I was probably thinking of quitting the first six months and I’m so glad my little sidekick was convinced we could blog. The only problem now is that she thinks my love of photography takes up a little too much of her time and she enjoys chasing away the wildlife and giving me dirty looks when I’m working on the computer too long.😁 I always enjoy your visits and wonderful comments and your optimism and sense of humor has brightened many days. Enjoy your weekend!🙂


    1. Thank you!!🙂 Gabby and I are thrilled we did not quit, but she would prefer that I only took photos of her.😁 I was hoping I would write more when I began blogging, but it has been my love of photography and curiosity that has exploded. Every day, with or without the camera, I’m looking at the world and scenery differently and noticing so many things that I’m sure I missed over the years. Due to my curiosity, it seems I’m always adding a new book, movie, song, bird, idea, hobby or dream vacation to my journal. Thanks to blogging and your amazing photos and friends, Tofino is now on the dream vacation list. Always enjoy your visits and comments!!🙂


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