Weekend Watching

I watched as the strange vibes that have been floating around all year continued with my realization that somehow I’m not facing that it’s really the middle of November.

I’m in no mood for deep analysis, so I’m going to take an easy out and continue to blame the weather.  It has been a strange year of weather and we are already deep into the gray season.

Normally the weekend before Thanksgiving I would have been watching us put up the Christmas lights, but the roof and gutters are still completely covered in snow and oak leaves.

Why can one little oak leave hanging in the balance generate a little smile and a yard full of a thousand oak leaves provoke a very different response?

The strange movie vibes continued this weekend.  After watching so few movies this year, I was looking forward to watching the Puzzle after adding it to my watchlist after several good reviews.  Although my reaction wasn’t quite this bad, I did struggle finishing the movie.

Even the football vibes are odd this year with two of my teams, Notre Dame and Michigan, remaining in the College Football Playoff along with Alabama and Clemson.  Usually my teams are out halfway through the season.  Loved watching Notre Dame play in Yankee Stadium (not quite so excited about the pinstripe uniforms) against Syracuse and a few fans around the house got a bit carried away with their in-your-face celebrations after Notre Dame defeated Syracuse 36-3.