The Week In Seven Photos

I remember last weekend beginning with me in the midst of wonderful winter holiday vibes with lights glowing everywhere, snow covered yards

and Gabby buying me an early Christmas present.  It’s amazing how many times she nudges my arm and I accidentally hit the buy button on my phone while I’m looking at my latest new favorite thing.

Then my niece made another excellent Netflix recommendation, The Haunting Of Hill House, and the next thing I know after some serious binge-watching was that I was asking the cardinal where all the snow and bright lights went

and strange creatures were roaming around our yard.

 Taking a break between episodes, nature helped calm my nerves with gently falling magical snowflakes and

beautiful sunset clouds reflecting between the ice. 

I’ve been waiting for the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ever since I finished watching the first season and I’m not sure what I will miss this weekend while binge-watching the show, but I hope there will be something bright on the horizon waiting for me after this binge.