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  1. Stunning photo, great song!

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  2. Such a fun song and definitely of its time. And what a great voice she had!

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    1. I keep listening to newer versions of the holiday songs, but rarely does anything compare to some of the originals and my favorites.🙂

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  3. plaidcamper says:

    Many years ago, a young Korean boy joined the class I was teaching in late November, and in the first few weeks had only a few words of English – but he could sing this song almost word perfectly. I think of him whenever I hear it! (His English language acquisition was excellent in the following months he was with us…)

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    1. A wonderful song that I love listening to every year and included in the great Home Alone movies. Still love the original and I wonder if he was also a fan of the movies. I’m also wondering this morning if I can regift my Man Utd fan gear after Mourinho’s firing. Thinking about you guys and hoping Scout tires of her adventure very soon.🙂


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