You (Netflix)

More snow coats the Arizona desert than the Northeast – Washington Post

Bryce Harper still doesn’t have a baseball team.

New John Rebus Thriller by Ian Rankin

It’s time for a Super Bowl prediction now that the NFL Playoffs have begun – New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints

Churchill: Walking With Destiny by Andrew Roberts

Manchester United and Tottenham advance to 4th round of FA Cup

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

4 Replies to “Caught My Eye Recently”

    1. Love Rebus!!!😁 It’s been wonderful to go from new releases of Reacher and Bosch to another all-time favorite. I was worried what was going to happen to the Rebus and Bosch series after retirement, but Rankin and Connelly have done a superb job adding new cases and characters that work perfectly with the old-timers.🙂


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