The Week In Seven Photos

The artistic journey is continuing after another week of enjoying the combination of photography and fun photo filter apps.  I would love to one day to be able to transition from hitting a button on my iPhone to transform my photo into a painting to actually sketching or painting the photograph I captured.  I’ve started two online courses to learn how to draw and paint and I’m trying not to let the few disastrous arts and crafts projects from my younger days or the fact that I had no idea I could not draw a straight line discourage me.  In these very early stages, I’m finding it very difficult to imagine my little squiggly lines transitioning into anything resembling art, but it should be interesting to see how things develop.  In between lessons this weekend there will hopefully be some great football games to watch with the Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints winning and maybe a few episodes of Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting to help keep this dream alive.