I have to admit I was a little skeptical about all the buzz surrounding Bird Box (Netflix), but I immediately became a fan.

Somehow while I was hiding away from the world winter finally arrived with brutal wind chills and snow.

I could have used some good news recently, but instead I found out Bryce Harper still does not have a baseball team and my favorite European football player, Harry Kane, is out through March with an injury.

Just when I thought I was done crying, I decided to watch Love, Gilda.

16 Replies to “Caught My Eye Recently”

  1. Bird Box was interesting, but I didn’t try and drive blindfolded after viewing – did some people really do that!? I saw A Quiet Place recently and that was an excellent creature feature/horror, thoroughly entertaining in a B-movie (but deserves an A) kind of way.
    I’m currently enduring instead of enjoying the second Luke Cage season. I thought the first season was great, but the spark isn’t there in this one…
    I hope your week goes well.

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    1. I enjoyed both of the films and while I was fascinated with the concepts in each film, I never would have guessed it would lead to Bird Box challenges. I always like John Malkovich and which he could have been in the sequel and John Krasinski has to be included in a prequel to A Quiet Place. Malkovich has a new Hercule Poirot series beginning on Amazon in February. The Punisher and Daredevil have been my favorite Marvel series on Netflix so far, but I read they may be ending all of the series soon.


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