I wish I had a magical button on my phone like the one in the BeCasso app that could transform my life into a new reality like these images right now. Daily doctor appointments for a pinched nerve, an ice storm and the loss of Gabby has created a very bleak landscape.

20 Replies to “The Week In Four Photos”

    1. Thank you. Gabby brought so much love and joy into my life and had that special magical charm to make me smile and laugh every day. We loved our adventures and our days spent together and now everything feels strange without her by my side. I’m limited in what I can do with the pinched nerve and never knew my house could be this quiet.

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      1. She brought joy to us, too. Just last weekend I thought of Gabby when I saw a woman pushing a stroller with a happy little dog in it. I wish for peace and comfort for you in this very difficult time.

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    1. Thank you. It’s been two weeks without Gabby and her wonderful ways of making me smile and laugh. Even though I was always worrying about her health issues, I did not expect this sudden loss and thought we would have more adventures together this year.

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      1. Aw I understand this completely. It was the same with LM. Even tho I knew she was getting on, she was still the same old girl and her sudden passing was a shock.
        I hope things get easier over time.
        Thinking of Gabby and LM playing together makes me smile. 🙂

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  1. The frost looks like birds in flight – fun renderings.
    I imagine it is hard to process all that you are going through, but please be gentle with yourself as you heal both physically and emotionally. These things take time, as tough as that is to acknowledge when you are in the midst of pain. I’m imagining you cradled in Loving Hands. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and understanding. During times of sadness and worry it has always helped me to be able to keep busy, exercise and generally just wear myself out. The pain and numbness with the pinched nerve has made it impossible to do any of those things and has kept me home more than normal where the absence of Gabby is felt all day. I’m hoping a few treatment options prevents surgery, but after a bad day yesterday I’m not so sure. There may be many window frost photos in the near future.


      1. I’m hoping next week when I begin physical therapy that something will help since the pain the last two days is much worse. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve been busy researching different treatment options and will add it to the list.

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