The Week In Seven Photos

I discovered over the last week that I’m willing to suffer for my art.  There were moments when the excruciating back and leg pain turned me into an armchair photographer,

but after the pain was finally under control I was ready to try a chair by the window for a little nature photography.  I immediately discovered that I am only willing to suffer so much for my art and that my heavy Tamron 150-600mm lens will have to stay in the bag for the next month.  A different lens would require me finding a way to entice the birds to come closer to the window and in the brutal snow storm, frigid temperatures and -35 wind chill, they were happy for the extra bird seed.

 The birds were out every day in the record-setting cold weather patiently waiting for the bird feeders to be filled again

and the word spread quickly throughout the bird community that there was more bird seed available and the turkeys flew in for breakfast every morning after another night of roosting in our trees.

Thankfully there were thirty turkeys flying in so that allowed many opportunities to capture a photo.

Hopefully this weekend I will actually be outdoors with the birds and a camera since we are due to have a ninety degree weather change by Monday, although in the beginning I will probably only be carrying my phone.

Then again, it’s Super Bowl weekend so I still may be indoors with the camera watching the birds enjoy the new bird feeders, enjoying Super Bowl snacks and muttering (VERY LOUDLY) about the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and wishing I was watching the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl.  Once the muttering is over, the Baseball Opening Day countdown begins and I continue to hope for news that Bryce Harper has finally signed with a team and it’s the New York Yankees.