The Week In Seven Photos

After another frigid week of weather, we are to the point where the dogs are thinking I can’t take one more day of snowballs on my toes or icicles on my beard.

It’s time for the hockey nets to be pulled off the lake, the shovels stored away

and sunrises on the lake in the kayak instead of freezing in the snow.

With thoughts of a St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl on my mind,

I thought I would try a Birdseed Crawl for the gang, but overall they appeared unimpressed

and would rather celebrate with one big bowl filled with only peanuts.

As we transition quickly from winter to spring this weekend with plenty of rain, there will be plenty of great things on tv with college basketball and the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines playing for first place in the Big Ten Conference, the second season of Tin Star on Amazon Prime and time for a quick prayer that Bryce Harper has a fabulous season as he makes his Spring Training debut with the Philadelphia Phillies.