The Week In Seven Photos

There were signs of spring everywhere this week with the arrival of the red-winged blackbirds and fabulous blue skies.  How can gray be a favorite fashion and decorating color, but so disliked as a winter color palette by the beginning of March?

The animals were feeling frisky due to the warmer temperatures and there was time for one last game of hockey on the pond

and a king of the hill match.  My childhood tomboy competitiveness emerged as soon as this little guy challenged me on the hill, 

but since I’m middle-aged now and have enough problems just walking on snow and ice on flat surfaces, I was happy with only a photo.

My favorite ducks were basking in the sunshine

along the shores of the river with the sounds of the cardinals, blackbirds and ducks filling the air.

The robins quietly enjoyed the sounds of the birds chatter and the flowing river,

while I enjoyed the beautiful sights and visitors at the park and wonderful thoughts of spring.