The Week In Seven Photos

The little chickadee’s eyes may have lit up over the beginning of spring this week, but my eyes lit up knowing it was the beginning of March Madness and one of the greatest sporting events.  Things got off to a rough start during the NCAA March Madness Basketball Selection Show last Sunday when I found out a lifelong favorite team, the Michigan State Spartans, were unjustly placed as a #2 seed in Duke’s region.

My brother called to see how I was handling the Michigan State news and after a rather loud rant that scared the squirrels,

a walk by the lake was required to calm down.

My attitude was improving until I ran into a Duke fan with a definite attitude.

This post was completed before the tip-off of the rock in the first game yesterday at noon,

but hopefully since then none of my Final Four teams have laid an egg 

and that I’ve been savoring multiple basketball games playing nonstop from noon to midnight and celebrating, with a few fist pumps, fantastic games and last second winning shots.