Weekend Watching

I’m sure I missed watching birds soaring through blue skies while I was busy watching multiple screens of March Madness basketball games and players soaring above the rim.

While I always hope for a few Cinderella teams in the Sweet Sixteen, I was excited about the many teams I watched that were able to book flights for the Sweet Sixteen, including a few favorite teams (Michigan State, Michigan), players (Cassius Winston, Coby White, Zion Williamson) and coaches (Tom Izzo, Bruce Pearl, John Calipari).

It was emotional for everybody watching the players and teams that had to say goodbye to the season and tournament and the seniors playing their last game.

Nature was kind enough to give me a moon to watch each morning before the games began and

thankfully I have a few days to recuperate and watch the ice slowly recede from the shoreline before the next round of games.

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  1. Good thing you have nature! Beautiful.

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  2. The Hinoeuma says:

    Great shots.

    You following Zion? He is good. He had some trouble with the taller Tacko from UCF.

    Which Michigan is Wolverines?

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I really thought UCF was going to win and could not believe when that last shot rolled around the rim. Zion is exciting to watch, but I’m hoping the Michigan State Spartans defeat Duke in the Elite 8. If that doesn’t happen, I have to hope the Michigan Wolverines can win against them in the Final Four. There is a chance I may not be quite as big a fan of him if both teams do manage to play against him and then lose.😁


      1. The Hinoeuma says:

        Heh. Go Wolverines! I used to have a Michigan football-type jersey in high school. I wound up with it after a guy I was dating didn’t work out. He was a little older and had checked into going to Michigan. I wore that thing out.

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  3. Another beautiful batch of photos! Thank you for sharing!

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