The Week In Seven Photos

The week began with the ice on the lakes holding nature hostage from the beautiful flow of water, but

as the week progressed there was a joyous celebration occurring on the lakes.  With the days beginning with temperatures in the twenties, the wildlife were thrilled to have the lakes and parks mostly to themselves.  There were swans enjoying quite moments of reflection

and others taking an extended glorious bath after a long, long winter on the ice.

The birds were everywhere, walking along the boardwalk, across the paths, watching the first waves roll in and

dipping their toes into the water.

Those not invited to the lake party were basking in the sun 

and relaxing on the deck enjoying snacks during three consecutive days of sunshine.

I’m hoping for more time by the water this weekend in between watching Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies during the opening weekend of baseball, the Tottenham match against Liverpool and hopefully cheering the Michigan State Spartans to wins in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.