The Week In Seven Photos

Harper’s been with us a month now and this week she found her bark and thinks she can now have a little input on her lifestyle and is ready to blog.

My little blogging buddy would like everyone to know she doesn’t understand why we are constantly stopping and staring at flowers

and seem to be especially fascinated with tulips

and taking photos of every one that we pass. She wants to emphasize that it is literally every single tulip.

Harper is very selective about her bark and has mostly reserved it for my benefit to let me know she believes we have looked at enough flowers this week,

that she has already outgrown the need for her crate and is more than ready to roam freely around the yard chasing her new friends. Some backyard visitors are more interested

in Harper’s presence than others.

Harper hopes that we are staying home this weekend to finish watching what has been a wild final week for a few favorite teams (Liverpool, Tottenham) in the Premier League and maybe Bryce Harper hitting another grand slam.