Weekend Watching

On the one nice day we had this weekend, I watched more chipmunks

than birds from the deck and strangely the blue jays and mourning doves have joined the cardinals currently as our most frequent visitors.

Since it appears we have developed a new rainy season, I had time to watch the U.S. Open at the pub while enjoying one of my favorite appetizers, the Spinach, Artichoke N Crab Dip.

The bird bath has been overflowing between the rain and fresh water and after believing it was the deer emptying the bird bath each day, I now think Alvin and his gang of chipmunks may be responsible.

I’ve been watching for a favorite spot for Harper and I to rest along our walks and she let me know she wants her favorite spot to be in the shade.

In between admiring beautiful flowers along our walks, there was time to watch two of my favorites, Brendan Gleeson and Diane Keaton, in Hampstead