The Week In Seven Photos

A new holiday tradition was added this year and the birdseed eating contest was a complete success with little chipper taking first place.

Of course, the high heat and humidity meant some had to watch from a distance in the shade

while others acted a little too superior to partake in the fun, even though they’re known for gobbling up the birdseed.

This little robin was crying for mom while I might have had a few tears over the dew point hitting 70, but

there was a some relief on the water with an oldย “New Coke” beverage from the ’80s. ย My Mtn Dew habit began in the ’80s, so I missed out on the “New Coke” experiment back then.

After binge watching Stranger Things, I’m slowly emerging from the upside down world

and while I was gone, Harper grew up a little bit with the ability to now jump on the furniture and go down the stairs and, of course, continue to ignore me when she’s in the mood.