Weekend Watching

It was a weekend where there were moments I could not even watch any of the backyard visitors from the comfort of the indoors because the windows were filled with steam as the dew point kept creeping higher into the 70’s.  Luckily the fantastic Tour de France began on Saturday so I could enjoy bicycling in the fabulous air conditioning.

I watched as my favorite rider, Peter Sagan, was centimeters away from winning the Yellow Jersey in the first stage.  I was upset enough to go outdoors to let off some additional steam and take a few quick photos of the only lily remaining in the yard

because they’re a favorite of one of our dear visitors.

In between watching the race and the United States women win the World Cup Title in an exciting match against Netherlands, there were ways to escape the humidity.  Including enjoying a favorite breakfast in air conditioning,

wandering through the bookstore for a new book based on my favorite Stranger Things character, Jim Hopper, and

a trip to the Baskin Robbins ice cream shop for a quart of Stranger Things Upside Down Pralines.  Of course, no speed limits were exceeded while racing home before the ice cream melted, but I might have pulled a hamstring running in and out of all the restaurants and stores to escape the humidity.

14 responses to “Weekend Watching”

  1. Oh, fun! I had no idea there were Stranger Things books. Finished the Netflix series on Saturday, and I really liked it. I am in awe of how the Duffer brothers can move so many characters—all vivid—through the story lines. Hats off to those brothers! Looking forward to Season 4. Hope the weather breaks for you. We had several days of miserable weather but a big thunder storm took care of that, and now the weather in Maine is utterly delightful.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The humidity finally let up and we have two wonderful days before it returns. Loved Stranger Things 3 and two other favorite characters are Dustin and Steve and I really enjoyed them and how they split them off from the others. I was crying by the end and already trying to figure out storylines for season 4.🙂

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      1. Two wonderful characters! As for season 4…we shall see who “the American” is. I think we both know. 😉

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  2. I love Stranger Things!!! Hopper is one of my favorites. Is this a book just about him!

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    1. Love Stranger Things and the book is about his life as a detective in New York in the 70s. Eleven wants to know more about him and he begins telling her about his life, a case and his family.🙂

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      1. I have to get this book. Thanks!! 💕 💕 💕

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          1. And I ordered it on Amazon! Cannot wait!

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  3. Oh, that breakfast…☺🤤❤

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