Why Don’t You Ever Take Me To The Beach?

Deer Enjoys A Day At The Beach On Lake Michigan

6 responses to “Why Don’t You Ever Take Me To The Beach?”

  1. That is quite a video! Makes me wonder: How long did the deer stay there? And, of course, why the heck did he come on that crowded beach to begin with? Answers we will probably never know. 😉

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    1. Now we know the true sign of too much humidity when the deer are jumping in the lake.😁 After watching this social deer, I wanted to go out ask my deer that we have been feeding for three years that have now given me a complex, why they still won’t come closer than twenty feet.😁

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  2. What an astonishing video!

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    1. Loved this video when I saw it on the news and still can’t believe he joined everyone at the beach. Although, then I really knew how bad the humidity has been that it’s causing the deer to jump into the lake. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see one at the ice cream shop.😁


  3. nice post …..thanks for share

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