The Week In Seven Photos

My word of the week (possibly word of the month and year too) is lollygag, which originally popped into my head during the exciting (other than no Bryce Harper) Major League Baseball All-Star week and the funny lollygag scene from the great baseball movie Bull Durham starring Kevin Costner (a close third behind baseball favorites Field of Dreams and The Sandlot).  Harper would tell you that with or without the movie reference, it applies to my overall lollygagging behavior this summer and my desire to stay on the deck

with a new book and occasionally lollygag

over to admire the neighbor’s flowers.

My version would be that Harper is the true lollygagger as she slowly lollygags down the steps,

then lollygags across the lawn with a dislike of the grass tickling her toes

and basically lollygags everywhere we go and then refuses to walk when she’s done lollygagging or when she heard she was getting her first haircut.

Us lollygaggers will be back on the deck next week with my exciting 19th date on Tuesday with Daniel Silva’s fantastic character Gabriel Allon.