The Week In Seven Photos

Harper and I were out celebrating with the butterflies and ducks the arrival of August and the first football game of the season during a rare beautiful summer day this year.  The Hall of Fame game always lets me know that we are one month away from my favorite month and, of course, football and oh so wonderful autumn.

My celebration was a little more joyous than Harper’s as she has been in a fearful phase lately.  The path ahead in new situations has been a scary place for Harper

as she wonders why it’s necessary to be out exploring on foot instead of in the safe confines of her stroller

or at least traveling with a gang.

While I believe Gabby was born bossy with a determination to be in charge of every situation, so far Harper has shown no signs of bravely marching out into the world even as I’ve tried to reassure her that we’re safe as we confront new obstacles and challenges.

After attempting a very brave walk, Harper was thrilled to relax in her stroller while we watched the butterflies fluttering along the river enjoying the flowers.

I was very proud of Harper as she cautiously appreciated the beauty we encountered while out walking and she completely regained her confidence when we pulled into grandma’s driveway and she could happily and confidently bound down the steps with her tail wagging to tell her friend and grandma about her big day at the park.