The weather was perfect this weekend and I should have been kayaking instead of watching others kayak, but

I was wandering through a favorite art fair and being dragged away from wonderful signs,

beautiful hats and

registering my niece for the Cold Butt Euchre Tournament.

After the art fair it was necessary to recuperate awhile indoors watching the exciting beginning to the Premier League with wins by Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester United and Deep State before venturing outdoors again to watch the butterflies,

lovely flowers actually located in my own yard and

Harper enjoy her first trip in the Jeep without the windows.

Hopefully this is a look of enjoyment and not panic because the top is coming off the Jeep later in the week.

24 Replies to “Weekend Watching”

    1. She looked much calmer on our second trip today, so I think it was a look of slight panic.😁 I’m so excited and if she loves it, I’m hoping I can convince her to keep the top off the Jeep until it snows since I missed out on a couple of months this summer!😁


  1. Looking at the ice block seats I get the cold butt, but the euchre bit has brought out the mystified Brit in me . You do live in an interesting place. Yay to Man U, better start to their season except last night’s game with Wolves.

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