The Week In Four Photos

What’s to blame for my lack of seven photos for the week?  Too many football games??  Too many adorable fall decorations to admire???

Too much shopping and trying to convince Harper she should like her new chair????

Did I mention I might have overindulged in football and pizza?????

Solution for future weeks, no more early mornings and late night pizza, but I will never give up football!!!

10 responses to “The Week In Four Photos”

  1. Anyway, Four for Friday sounds just grand.

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  2. Fewer photos, but they’re all winners! Does Harper have a slightly manic look in her eyes there? Eyeballing your pizza…
    Have a great weekend – no Premier League, so I hope the other football is entertaining!

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    1. Thank you!😁 Pizza and football are such a perfect combination, unlike Harper and that chair. I was hoping Harper would enjoy her new chair for our first weekend of college football all day Saturday and the first day of my NFL Sunday ticket package, but she thinks the couch is a much more comfortable spot to enjoy pizza and seventeen college and pro football games (I’ll be lucky to get two photos for next week). Enjoy the weekend!😁


  3. Hugs to Fuzzy-O! She’s a cutie in that chair! 🙂
    That pizza looks awesome (except for the meat). 🙂

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    1. Thank you!😁 Maybe a few extra hugs will convince Harper to enjoy the chair, but so far she’s just looking at me wondering why I would think she would rather sit in that small chair instead of enjoying the whole couch.😁

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