Themeless Thursday

It’s time for October baseball and I’m going to make an educated guess that the New York Yankees are going to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers later this month in the World Series…I began the season with the hopeful guess (wish???) that Bryce Harper and the Phillies would be playing the Yankees for the Championship…I’m beginning the NHL season with another hopeful wish that the Toronto Maple Leafs will play the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup Championship…I’ve run out of guesses as to why Tottenham is struggling early in the season…it’s anybody’s guess as to what the unbelievable talking points will be on the morning news each day…

8 responses to “Themeless Thursday”

  1. Hope springs ever eternal!

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  2. Thanks for the laughs! (It’s laugh or cry at the news each morning, that’s for sure. Too early to reach for a glass…) I think you made a mistake for the hockey guess? Must have been a typo, and you meant Flames…

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    1. Thank you!😁 You know things are serious when I’m flipping between watching my teams and the news and in a state of disbelief I forget to switch back to the game. Luckily I forgot to switch back to Tottenham the other day when they lost 7-2. It’s all about the Maple Leafs (and, of course, Ovi and the Capitals) this year, but Calgary did make it into my top five in the Western Conference with Chicago, Edmonton, Vegas and St. Louis.😁


  3. I am all out of educated guesses as to why Man Utd have started their season so badly. Maybe the wine will provide the answer.

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    1. Unfortunately, the wine did not provide the answer and if the Spurs and Man United continue like this, I might need to add a little Baileys to my coffee for these early morning losses.😁

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