The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

The wind was whipping this week and we finally have a few bare branches surrounded by delightful autumn color

as the leaves continue to fall.

Looking out into the yard it was a somewhat difficult decision to decide between throwing a Halloween party for the backyard visitors or working on the leaves.

The animals voted for a Halloween party and they enjoyed bobbing for walnuts,

a few pumpkins and

plenty of treats.

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since elementary school, so I should completely understand someone not wanting to participate in some of the celebrations.  While I was expecting a little reluctance by Harper attending her first Halloween party, I had no idea Sherlock “Harper” Holmes would take it to a new level and refuse to open her eyes until the costume was removed.

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    • Thank you!😁 Impossible for Harper to find any clues with those eyes closed and once she opened them it was with a look of how could you do that to me. I think I may have caused a few nightmares for the squirrels and Harper.😁 Hope it’s the Spurs weekend for a great win against Liverpool! Enjoy the weekend and hopefully an England win against New Zealand!🙂


    • 😁. Thank you!😁 I think we have a few more days to enjoy the fall colors before the cold and rain arrives. Little Harper’s stubborn streak is growing and I’ve about given up on the outfits, but there is still a slight chance she’ll want a coat and some boots once the snow arrives.😁

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